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Do contact me if you have any queries about a painting or purchase. I would much rather you ask before you buy so that you make your purchase with a good degree of certainty and security. I'll do my best to reply promptly and accurately.

When you purchase an item or items from me you are also agreeing to and accepting these terms and conitions. It will be understood that you understand the meaning of them fully, and agree to comply.

These terms and conditions are written without predjudice, and exist to protect my rights of ownership and copyright in the work I produce and to make clear the basis upon which trading will occur from this site, so that anyone purchasing from it is clear about the conditions before they buy; thereby protecting both buyer and seller.

All items will be dispatched by recorded delivery or another service that requires proof of delivery: usually a signature.
I cannot be held responsible for an item going astray or not being delivered. If you have paid, I promise to see that the item is packaged safely and that it leaves my premises in good condition for the destination you stipulate.
If you pay by credit card, you understand that receipt of the item will have to be signed for and that if it is not signed for or it is signed by another person this is beyond my control and lies within the realm of your responsibility to ensure that correct and timely receipt of the item takes place and, further, that I will not accept chargeback on the card.

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Water-colours and Engravings are sold unframed, but with a mount and backing, ready to frame. It is not practical or sensible to send these paintings framed and glazed. Damage might be sustained in transit and I cannot be held responsible for this damage should it occur. I will make every effort to ensure that paintings are packaged securely and safely prior to despatch.
If, however, you are able to collect your painting, then this allows us more options with regard to framing. There will of course be an additional charge for the picture framing, and this will be dependant upon the type of picture frame moulding and mount options chosen.
If you really want me to send a painting in a glazed frame, you must accept full responsibility for its safe transit and pay for any extra costs incurred (such as insurance and the extra costs of a heavier parcel and the extra cost of framing and so on) and understand that I will not accept responsibility for the item after it has left my premises.

Oil paintings can be despatched with their frames, but you must be aware that damage might be sustained in transit and I cannot be held responsible for this damage should it occur. I will make every effort to ensure that paintings are packaged securely and safely prior to despatch.

If payment is to be made by cheque, please send it immediately. I will wait for a period of ten days before I offer the item for sale again to others. I say this mainly to cover myself in the unlikely circumstances of there being no contact from the buyer. The best thing to do is just to keep me informed of your intentions. Provided I know that you intend to pay soon, I should not have to resort to such action. I will, of course, maintain contact with you, too.
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You may return a painting within fourteen days for a refund, but please understand that you must stand the full cost of carriage and insurance for that return, and ensure its safe transit. The painting must be in undamaged condition and unchanged and the parcel unopened. Also, I would be grateful for prior notice if you intend to return an order. Please contact me to let me know your intentions and reasons for return. Indeed, do contact me if you have any queries about a painting or purchase. I would much rather you ask before you buy so that you make your purchase with a good degree of certainty and security.

Any damage sustained during return must be paid for, so please take out postal insurance when you send anything back to me.

I cannot offer refunds on greetings cards.
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Title of an item does not pass to the purchaser until full payment is made and has cleared in my account. Please note at this point that all copyrights remain with me (Eiann Cosgrove). You are not purchasing copyright. You are not purchasing any licence. Ownership and title refer to the physical item only.

If you sell or pass-on or transfer an item or image or text to another party or place, or store for future use either by yourself or by others, you must also make it clear that these conditions still apply to all existing and subsequent owners of the item and that the conditions also refer to the item or items.

I assert my rights of ownership and copyright and my rights as the originator, owner, and creator/author of all content, images, logos, text content, design, and layout on this site whether it is visible or not. It is not in the public domain.This clause does not, of course, overrule the conditions and copyrights stipulated by os commerce, phpBB, or my web host for scripts and programs I have used. I acknowledge due credit to the creators of these programs without prejudice and remain independant of them. Their success is due to the hard and diligent work of the developers and staff and owners of these programmes.

Please do not copy, store, modify, erase, link to, or reproduce, or pass on to a third party who does not aggree to these terms any images, text, design, layout, code, or anything from this website. You should be getting the idea that I do not want anyone to tamper with any part of my site or my paintings or images of my paintings in any way, or copy or use any part of it, without my permission in writing. I have worked hard to learn my craft, and I have put in many hours designing my logos and the content of this site, please respect this. If I discover that plagiarism or modification, etc has occurred, be assured that I shall pursue those responsible for payment and damages and any other action I deem necessary within the realms of the law. And they should pray to their god that I never discover their identity and/or meet them in the street!
My apologies if this comes across as a bit aggressive, but if you have no intention of fiddling with my site or copying from it, you have no need to worry.

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I will not deliberately pass on any personal or private information to any third party unless you agree to it. At this moment, I can't think of an instance where I would need to ask because I have no intention of divulging such data to anyone.

If you would like to be removed from my mailing list, just send me an email of your request (eiann[at]eianncosgrove.co.uk) or telephone me (01325 730528 - UK number) and I will comply with your wishes. Try more than one method of contact, just to make sure.



"Item" or Items" or "order" refers to any and all things bought from me. The same applies if I mention my "work" or paintings" or "images" and so on. This list is not exhaustive.

All paintings and engravings are Originals (i.e. not reproductions by a third party) .

Any opinions I express on this site are simply opinions, they are not made with the intention to change the views of others and as such carry no intended implications or suggestions. This also applies to opinions and advice offered by others, this site and its owner cannot be responsible for the opinions or actions of others. If you find something that you consider to be offensive or objectionable, please let me know about it.

Any third party products that may be for sale on this site are sold without recommendation as to suitability for intended use or quality. The buyer may refer to the appropriate manufacturer's site for this information. I offer no warranty. I will, however, look into any claims that a product I have sold is faulty.
If I declare that I use a product or method, it does not necessarily mean that it will work, or be suitable for others.

Thank you for reading these terms and conditions...I hope they haven't proved too exhausting... There was more to it than at first I thought.

All the best



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