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shadow imageA bit about me and my paintings

oil paintings

Just a bit, mind you, because there's not much to say! I have been painting in watercolours and oils
since about 1990 - give or take a year or two. And the more I paint, the more I see. By this I mean that the world seems to be filling up with things to paint: the sky,
endless and forever in flux; trees, especially old ones, gnarled and leaning and harbouring dark and
mysterious depths in the shadows of their folded boughs...ideal for snow scenes! Where there is water,
there is a painting. There are hills, mountains, lochs and lakes and pools, and sheep and cattle and horses and people; hedges and fields; buildings old; streets and lanes; and my dog Jack...to mention a few! I wish I'd started painting earlier.


I work with watercolours and oils mainly, I've never been tempted to use acrylics. In addition to paintings, I produce a range of original limited edition prints (refer to the website of the Fine Art Trade Guild for a full definition of "original limited edition") from copper-plate engravings (intaglio prints). These are images from plates I have created, not copies, not printed by someone else. Original in the best sense of the word!


moorland shepherd and sheep

 Self-taught is probably the best way to describe my art education to date. But, as with all who are self-taught, there is always an input or influence from others. We try and fail, practise and practise, we learn a bit, we practise some more. The failures lessen and little by little, successes follow. This is the process...long may it last.


ewe and lambs under shade of tree in snow


I have added architectural illustration to my repertoire. Working from plans and elevations, I produce a scaled image of the building or buildings to create, in effect, an artist's impression of a building or development; and I love the challenge of this.


oil painting on easel

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