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My ART Forum for you to discuss all things ART
"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love." Turkish proverb.


I am sorry, but the art cafe is closed
for the time being because some recurring virtual
vandalism (spam) has to be removed before it can be respectable again.
Please use the "Contact Artist" links
if you need to contact me, and do check this page every so often to see if normal service has been restored.

Thank you.



To enter my ART CAFE forum, click on the image below this text.

To participate in the forum you will need to register...this is a simple process requiring just a username and password (which you can create), and a valid email address.

If you just want to browse, though, you do not have to register.

Click Here to access the ART CAFE forum

Remember, to return to this part of the site from the Forum, just click "GO TO MAIN SITE-HOME" at the top of the page to the right
of the banner.

Enjoy your coffee!


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